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Touchless toilets are fitted with smart flushing systems that don’t require you to touch any surface in order to flush waste away. Bathrooms can be full of bacteria and germs, so any way to limit your exposure to them should?be a welcome addition for both hygiene and well being.

We look at?several of the top rated, and best selling options below to help you?understand?how it may benefit your own home.

Top 3

KOHLER K-6419-0 Cimarron 8/10
2795119.020 American Standard 2795119.020 8/10
American Standard 2794119.020 American Standard 2794119.020 8/10

Benefits of installing?a hands free toilet flusher

Convenience – Easy to use, simple to operate, and in many cases user friendly when compared to standard flushing styles.

Hygiene – As a general rule, the less people touching things in the bathroom the better. You will certainly find that this will benefit you by improving hygiene.

Well being – No one enjoys?getting ill. By removing the need for skin contact on the tank you expose yourself to less germs which lowers the risk of spreading or getting?sick.

What to look for in no touch flush toilets

Brand – There are plenty of choices in brands, which can add to the consumers confusion. After conducting research, we found that some of its?more notable ones?included?Kohler, Toto, and American Standard. These three are arguable some of its?better options to choose from going by features and previous user ratings.

Water efficient – Most?top toilets?these days tend to focus on producing a decent amount of flush power whilst using a reduced amount of water. This makes them more environmentally friendly than several old style units, and this doesn’t change with the hands free option. You will want to look for something that consumes between 1 and 1.6 gallons, with a few exceptions. You will want to look for products with a WaterSense certified label.

Bowl shape -You will still get the option of choosing between two of its?more common shapes. Selecting a round shape will be a excellent choice for those of you looking to limit space consumption. People with smaller bathrooms will find this generally is the go to shape. However, if you have plenty of leg room, you may wish to consider an elongated bowl which is a good option for those looking for comfort.

Height of seat – Typically, you get standard height, and comfort height seating. Comfort height are generally around two inches taller than the traditional style, and are designed to make the user as comfortable as possible whilst ensuring getting up and sitting down is as easy as possible. This also makes them more accessible for a wider range of users and in turn makes them ADA compliant.

Our touchless toilet reviews

We have picked out some of the highest rated toilets below. We have taken time to analyze and research into the specifications, features, design, and much more to ensure we help our readers get a full overview of the quality of a specific product.

2794119.020American Standard 2794119.020

As mentioned previously, this brand offers some of the best selling products on the market. When it comes to touchless flush technology, they have delivered with a fantastic design that is white and will fit in with lavatories that have a brighter decor.

Additionally, an elongated bowl and right height seating ensures users are comfortable and standing up and sitting down shouldn’t present too many difficulties.

This toilet is WaterSense certified, and consumers around 1.28 gallons with each flush which is good news for those users wanting something that’s highly efficient and?ECO-friendly.

To flush the waste away, one simply has to wave their hand over the mechanism. A sensor will detect this motion and it will automatically flush. It also comes with a manual override should you encounter any problems.

In terms of hygiene, it has the tools for the job. So for consumers wanting a hygienic, well kept toilet, listen up. You get power wash rims which helps keep the difficult to reach areas clean and free of odors, and a antimicrobial finish that is designed to keep the surface cleaner for longer.

It should be noted that it doesn’t come cheap though. Users working on a tight budget may want to look elsewhere.

KOHLER K-6418-0 CimarronKohler K-6418-0 Cimarron

One of the best?Kohler toilets in terms of technology, Includes a no touch sensor which is located in the tank. This technology?senses users hands passing through a electro-magnetic field on top of its tank, and when doing so, it?utilizes its?single gravity flush and?AquaPiston technology to remove waste from the bowl.

An elongated design that?provides the comfort and convenience required in everyday use. It doesn’t hurt that the finish, color, and design also makes it look modern and stylish. Couple that with it being a comfort height seating level, you can be sure that?users?will be at ease whilst sitting.

It’s also quite an efficient model too, consuming just 1.28 gallons of water.

This is a?more affordable option than the?2794119.020 listed above, but still offering plenty of its quality. So those of you not looking to splash out huge sums of money, you may want to take the K-6418-0 into consideration.

2795119.020American Standard 2795119.020

What can we say about this model? Well for one, it’s one of our top rated American standard toilets?that offers a?touch less flush activation is simple to use by just waving your hand above the tank area – at a distance of around two inches according to the manufacturer. This will be close enough for the sensor to recognize your hand movement.

Secondly, the design is basic, and very minimal. If you’re not a fan of the extra decorations and accessories, then this toilet could be ideal for your needs. It is white and made from vitreous china, that has a round front bowl keeping it compact.

It also has a comfort height seat level which is slightly higher than traditional designs making sitting down comfortable and more accessible.

You can also expect low levels of water consumption with 1.28 gallons used in each flush.

However, with the smart hands free technology included, you can expect to pay more. This isn’t a particularly good match for people working with a low budget.


Toilets with a?touchless flush aren’t the best option for everyone. However, the clean environment that goes hand in hand with them, along with the added convenience of simply hovering your hand over the water tank will enhance the overall bathroom experience.