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Niagara are a company that’s been about for?over thirty years, making a name for itself by producing products that conserve water effectively whilst retaining much of their performance standards.

Listed below, we?research and analyze toilets made by them to summarize their main features, functionality, and what it’s capable of. We want to help our readers understand how small inclusions within the design of an individual product can make all the difference to your bathroom and household, especially when considering things like comfort and efficiency.

Top rated products

22003whco1 Niagara 22003whco1 8/10
77001whco1 Niagara 77001whco1 8/10


Our list?has been picked based on a multitude of factors. We wanted to include a good range of prices, flush types, designs, bowl shapes, and much more to paint the full picture?and hopefully help you find a suitable option that ticks all?your?boxes.

77001WHCO1Niagara 77001WHCO1 Stealth

Those of you familiar with the Stealth collection will know all about their highly efficient flush operation using just 0.8 gallons to rid the bowl of waste. And that’s just what this model does too, utilizing a pressure assisted flush?to leave it clean and hygienic for the next person.

This is suitable for those of you searching for models that need a floor outlet, and a rough in of twelve inches.

It complies with the ADA standards, and ultimately, will provide seating that’s a little?taller in height for both comfort and being able to sit in a much more natural position.

However, something we always advise looking into before you decide to buy anything is whether or not the seat comes included. In this case it doesn’t which will end up?being an extra expense.

22003whco1Niagara 22003WHCO1 EcoLogic

This model has some terrific features that help?enhance the performance of this?toilet. From?the EcoLogic range, this operates on a gravity fed flushing system that doesn’t quite offer the same low flow properties of this one above, but at 1.6 gallons per minute, it’s still inline with plenty of its?competition.

It’s also flapperless ?which allows it to be quiet in its operation and stop the somewhat noisy water refill sounds?which could be great?for family households.

It needs to be floor mounted to the waste outlet underneath, and the design is built to be taller to make sitting down and standing easier on the joints and body.

To give you an idea of the sort of space you will need in the bathroom to install it, the measurements listed are as follows:?28.5 inches by?28.5 inches by?20.5 inches. This should be compact enough to fit into most room sizes, but ideally, for best results you’ll want a medium sized room.


Right now, this is a brand which offers two main product ranges. The first being Stealth, and the other EcoLogic. Each of these have their own characteristics and specs that separate them, with Stealth offering an impressively low zero point eight gallons in every flush. This is known as the high efficiency range of the bunch. Then you have the EcoLogic, which as the name suggest is still Eco friendly in many cases, with some one point two eight gallons models as well as the more common one point six.

Wrapping up

Niagara toilets are a great alternative to some of the casino online viet nammore common names in the industry. They come with refreshing designs that look great with most modern decor themes, and the Eco friendly options in the flush speak for themselves. One thing that does stand out to us is that although they have some good features, they are still reasonably cheap, and if not, well in line with the standard market prices of many of its competitors. This is a brand worth taking into consideration, especially if you’re looking to renovate or modernize the bathroom.