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Corner toilets are generally for smaller bathrooms where people have to make do with the limited space given to them. They usually come with a triangular tank for a tight fit. With the?compact nature of these products, there isn’t as much choice that you get with standard options, however, we have picked out several that may be of interest to you, as well as highlighting their main capabilities. High quality toilets stand out for various reasons, these are a few examples.

Our top picks and ratings

270AD001.020 Amercian Standard 270AD001.020 9/10
White Porcelain Elongated Space Saving 8/10

270AD001.020American Standard 270AD001.020 Cadet 3

The design features included with the?270AD001.020 are immediately obvious looking at the image. The triangle toilet tank will fit nicely, and perhaps just as importantly, it’s a standard 12 inch rough in.

The bowl is elongated for a nice amount of leg room, and the seat height itself will meet ADA requirements, which will ensure accessibility is easier than some of the models that sit lower to the ground.

Comes equipped with a special Ever Clean surface that is included in many of this brands products, and?will help prevent germs building up and ensure cleaning is kept simple. This is despite the fact that the flush system built in only uses up around one point two eight gallons of water.

It’s a?vitreous china construction that measures?31.5 inches by?34 inches by?19.25 inches.

You will have to either use your current seat, or purchase a new one separately, as this is not part of this package unfortunately. Other then that, some good features built in for home usage.

American Standard 216AD004.020

This particular model is another from the Cadet range of AS. It’s well suited to the mid to smaller sized bathrooms where you are not spoiled for space and need to fit it around the sink area. Think compact en suites and similar. The tank design will do a great job in this respect, ensuring the corner of your?room utilizes as much of its available space as possible to make way for other features.

It?provides a one point six gallon flush mechanism, and a power wash rim will go well with the china material as it will make the cleaning and removal of waste from the bowl a lot easier.

Unlike some traditional models, the trip level is located on the side of its?tank rather than the front.

Perhaps more importantly, it doesn’t price itself out of the market, which can be a problem for some designs needing unique shapes and styles.

Outside the?triangular tank, what should you look for?

Aside from the obvious features, there are a few things?that you can keep an eye out for. Some of which are listed below.

Water consumed?– With each flush, water was used up at alarming rates. Newer models are designed to limit this. There are plenty of models that offer varying numbers in this regard, but the main ones ten to be 1.6 and 1.28 gallons. The latter being the more eco friendly option.

Bowl type – You usually get a choice in the shape of the bowl. However, most of the time, it’s a straight choice between rounded or elongated.

Price – You will find a range of different price tags to suit a whole range of budgets. However, we feel you can find a unit that gets the job done for less than $500. Anything more than that and you may be leaving value for money behind, and aiming for luxury instead.

Wrapping up

These types of toilet are ideal for those more enclosed spaces like cloakrooms, and en suites. The tank is well suited to fit into the corner and provide more moving space for the user. The options listed above offer some good specs that may well fit your requirements, be it the flush style, or even the water consumption. Whatever you end up choosing, we think these two should be included within your research.