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Bidet seats are becoming an increasingly common feature of bathrooms. This can be put down to their hygienic nature, there effectiveness compared to toilet paper, and the simplicity of usage. But among the?different options in the market, how do you determine what features you need? To help you with this decision,?we have compiled a list of things to look for below in our buyers guide, and includes?some of the most highly rated and popular options currently available.

Top 4 picks

Brondell S1000-EW Brondell S1000-EW 9/10
Neo 120 Luxe Bidet Neo 120 8/10
Ultimate BB-600 Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600 8/10
SmarterFresh Hand Held SmarterFresh Hand Held sprayer 8/10

Buying guide

So, you’ve made the wise decision to purchase and install a bidet sprayer to your seat. The benefits of having one are quite obvious, so lets look at the various things below you need to be aware of before you buy one.

Electric vs Non electric

You get two choices really when it comes to operation. The first being electric which will require you to have a GFCI power outlet near the installation. This is not always something that consumers have readily available, and although some do, many opt for the ones that are powered by water pressure.

Type of nozzle

You get a choice between single and dual nozzles. Whilst the single nozzle is generally designed for the posterior, you also get the dual nozzles which are good options for females. In many cases, you are provided with a dial or knob attachment to switch between either selection on the control panel, all of which are quite straightforward to use.

Seat or single attachment

Not all bidets come equipped or attached to a toilet seat. In fact, there are several options in the industry that enable users to find single attachments that can be placed onto your current set up. You may also come across two differing types of attachments too, with one more manual and handheld, which act fairly similar to shower heads, whilst the other can usually slot onto the side of the toilet somewhere.

Bidet reviews

We look at some of the top rated bidets below and analyze there main selling points to help you discover their capabilities and functionality. Hopefully this will help you gather an insight on whether a specific product fits your bathroom requirements.

Neo 120Luxe Bidet Neo 120

It’s?one of those products that stand out from the crowd thanks to the sheer amount of feedback and overall popularity. But why has it become so popular?

Well, looking into the spec list, there is quite a lot on offer for an affordable price,?if there?is something people are always on the lookout for, it’s value.

It’s?a non electric, water pressure powered variant, that?includes a self cleaning nozzle that retracts to keep it clean when not in use. Keep in mind this is an attachment rather than a whole seat which may make it appear a whole lot cheaper than some of its competition. Additionally, a good amount of pressure through the faucet is provided to ensure maximum cleanliness.

With plenty of good ratings and feedback available online, this is one model that is worth taking into consideration.

Ultimate BB-600Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600

This is one for all those people wanting the full seat rather than the attachment. A few things to take into consideration if that’s the case. One, you can expect it to be quite a bit more expensive, and two, you will want to ensure that it fits your current toilet dimensions. Outside that, there are some great things going for it.

It features a soft close lid, and can come in two shapes, either elongated style, or rounded. This will ultimately come down to what your current set up is.

This is considered to be a more advanced option with front and posterior cleansing and a nice little control panel, with clearly labelled menu buttons, where users can work with all the options available to them.

Add in the extra comfort features such as the heated seating and you can see why consumers have taken to it.

Brondell S1000-EWBrondell S1000-EW

Another elongated, full seat design that comes in a white?finish?which will match the majority or modern lavatories color themes. You get the choice of back and front washes that can also apply warm water for comfort.

The dual nozzles are made from stainless steel which are notably easier to clean than many materials, although, the manufacturer does note it’s self cleaning. You can also control the warmth settings of the seat which is great.

A handy remote will ensure users get to control all the functions from one locations with buttons to change the position of its nozzle, dry temperature settings, water temperature, and several other options such as sterilize and controlling the width of the spray.

This in an option that has been well received, with plenty of happy customers posting reviews online. A solid option and one to rival the BB-600 above.

SmarterFresh Hand HeldSmarterFresh Hand Held sprayer

A more basic, but still very handy piece of equipment. This is something that is more manual that your standard options that generally come equipped with one or two nozzles.

Stainless steel, and ensures users have the ability to control the water pressure at which they clean themselves.

This offers?a more versatile approach to cleaning because it can be used for several different purposes that aren’t really an option for the designs offered by a faucet inside the bowl. Because it includes a hook holder and a line, you have more freedom of movement which can allow it to be used as a cleaning tool too.

Not advanced as some of the options above, but not reasonably cheap and gets the job done.